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New Methods to Optimize Air Change Rates in Labs and Hospital Environments

Critical work spaces such as research laboratories and health care facilities are often required to operate at excessive air changes per hour (ACH) based on confusing standards and antiquated practices. Excessive air change rates often lead to a reduction in safety and system performance while increasing energy usage and waste.

By identifying critical work space risks and applying effective ventilation tactics, managers are better equipped for mitigating risk of overexposure to airborne contaminants. This webinar addresses:

  • The role of air change rates and ventilation effectiveness in critical workspaces
  • The impact of ACH on contaminant dilution and removal
  • Analytical methods for predicting dilution and contaminant removal
  • Methods for challenging and validating ACH performance

Join Tom Smith, CEO and founder of Exposure Control Technologies, as he highlights new techniques for optimizing airflow while improving safety, reducing waste and yielding better performance of critical work spaces.

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