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System Operating Mode Test (SOMT)

ECT developed the SOMT to determine ventilation system capacity and maintain operation into the future. The test is used for evaluating static pressure set points for exhaust and supply plenums. This allows us to determine the ventilation system's capacity, stability and response over a range of operating modes. Normal operating modes include occupied/unoccupied status and laboratory fume hood use. Components of the SOMT may include:

  • Comparison between supply and exhaust design airflows and measured airflows
  • Verification of occupancy switch operation
  • Verification of proper variable air volume (VAV) box operation
  • Recording of variable frequency drive (VFD) parameters
  • Verification of proper sequence of operations for the ventilation system

Upon completion of the SOMT, ECT will provide a comprehensive "snapshot" of the ventilation system performance, deficiencies and recommendations for improvements. The SOMT can be used as a tool for maintaining proper operation of the entire ventilation system. Data collected during the test is compared against previous tests and can help identify components that may be causing system operation to vary from baseline values.

The SOMT is often used as part of a laboratory ventilation management program (LVMP), and helps facility managers maintain safe and efficient operation of laboratory ventilation systems.

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