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Routine Performance Testing

An important aspect of fume hood and laboratory ventilation safety is the need to verify performance on a regular basis. To ensure that all lab systems remain in compliance with lab safety standards, routine testing should be conducted at least annually. These tests generally consist of the following:

  • Airflow Visualization
  • Face Velocity Measurement
  • Cross Draft Measurement
  • Response and Stability Tests (for VAV Equipped Labs)
  • Differential Pressure Measurement
  • Verification of Monitor Operation

Routine tests are also helpful at determining if the laboratory systems are functioning correctly. The result of improper equipment and system operation not only jeopardizes lab safety but can also lead to higher energy costs. Our technicians are trained to detect and troubleshoot system performance issues. They can offer immediate feedback regarding system performance including:

  • VAV Malfunction
  • Occupancy Mode Malfunction
  • Airflow Rates (Too High or Too Low)
  • Improper Lab Pressurization
  • Airflow Monitor and Alarm Malfunction

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