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ECT, Inc. provides many services which can help improve lab safety and energy efficiency.
Rapid Energy and Laboratory Safety Analysis (RELSA™)

Laboratories are costly to operate and most of that cost is in ventilation needs. In most labs, there are many opportunities to reduce energy usage while saving money and maintaining safety. RELSA™ is a program developed by ECT to give lab owners a cost effective tool to determine the scope of energy reduction opportunities in their labs. Some of the major benefits of RELSA™ are:

  • Quickly identify opportunities and approximate the value for energy savings
  • Identify safety criteria and issues that shape energy reduction strategies
  • Prioritize buildings by order of "savings" magnitude vs. likely cost of obtaining the savings

Laboratory ventilation conservation projects can result in significant energy savings and on average, realize a 1 to 3 year payback on total cost to complete. RELSA™ is the first step in the process. Our experienced laboratory professionals will conduct a walk-through examination of your laboratory facilities. By identifying inefficiencies in ventilation system components and operation, ECT can quickly prepare a report of recommendations for proceeding with the next step in the energy reduction process.

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