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Re-entrainment Studies

A researcher in your laboratory comes to you complaining that they can smell Xylene in their lab, but there are no chemicals on the bench tops only in the fume hood. There have been no spills and upon entrance into the lab you smell Xylene also. ECT has experience in exactly this type of scenario, our professionals are very aware of the phenomenon called re-entrainment. This occurs when the exhaust of a ventilated device such as a fume hood is located too close to the air handling systems, this allows the contaminate to be discharged and caught into the air handler and transported back into the facility.

Not only can re-entrainment be a source of irritating smells, it may be a potentially serious health hazard. ECT can quickly and accurately identify the cause of re-entrainment and propose an appropriate solution. Methods of detecting causes of reentrainment include:

  • Airflow Visualization Using Smoke
  • Tracer Gas Study

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