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ECT, Inc. provides many services which can help improve lab safety and energy efficiency.
Laboratory Ventilation Management Program (LVMP)

Management is the key to safe and effective ventilation systems. ECT helps clients develop a Laboratory Ventilation Management Program (LVMP) customized to their facility to ensure proper selection, operation monitoring and maintenance of these systems. Our lab specialists:

  • Survey your laboratory hoods and ventilation systems
  • Test and analyze each type of unit present, including fume hoods, BSCs, snorkels, balance enclosures and glove boxes
  • Conduct specialized tests to enhance hood and system performance and efficiency
  • Maintain a comprehensive, easy to use database of results and recommendations
  • Ongoing benchmarking and monitoring of operation of hoods and systems

The result is a streamlined and standardized process for your lab ventilation systems incorporating all aspects from design, installation and testing to renovation and maintenance.

With ECT's guidance, your company can ensure laboratory safety and minimize energy consumption. Effective development and implementation of an LVMP can do the following:

  • Reduce costs and maximize energy efficiency
  • Streamline, standardize and coordinate all processes for lab ventilation design, installation, testing, renovation and maintenance
  • Help eliminate potential errors during design and selection that can lead to additional costs
  • Sets in place procedures for maximizing safety, dependability and efficiency with the most energy savings

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