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Human-As-Mannequin (HAM) Testing

ASHRAE 110 containment testing method uses a mannequin to simulate the presence of an operator at the fume hood. A detection instrument is located in the "breathing zone" of the mannequin. A test agent (tracer gas; usually sulfur-hexafluoride, SF6) is introduced inside the hood and the amount of "contaminant" that escapes the hood's sash opening, or face, is measured. This test is not performed using a human operator conducting experiments inside the hood.

"Human-as-Mannequin (HAM) Challenge Tests" are intended to be practical, dynamic challenges by simulating actual operator hand and arm movements through manipulation of objects within a fume hood that may cause loss of containment. These tests, or challenges, account for the combined ability of the hood to contain, capture internally, and remove contaminants. Tracer gas concentrations are measured at a technician's breathing zone and averaged over the test period.

Although HAM testing is not presented in the ASHRAE 110-1995 Method or the ANSI Z9.5-2003 Ventilation Standard, HAM testing does provide you, the end user, with uniquely specific information about your fume hood in relation to the applications you are performing.

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