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Laboratory Design Consultation

Ensuring safe, dependable and efficient laboratory buildings begins with ensuring proper design of the laboratories and ventilation systems. Our safety and laboratory ventilation professionals have the expertise to review your laboratory designs from concept to pre-construction.

Given the high costs of conditioning air in laboratories, it is prudent to decrease the supply air quantity into the space whenever possible while complying with the inviolable constraints of providing safe and productive laboratories. Our review and suggestions will help you achieve your design goals and maximize the utility of the exhaust and air supply systems to:

  • Ensure protection for people working with a variety of hazardous materials
  • Ensure proper selection and specification of HVAC controls and equipment
  • Satisfy the flow requirements of the exposure control devices under all modes of operation
  • Provide a healthy environment that ensures satisfactory indoor air quality
  • Ensure proper treatment, transport and discharge of hazardous contaminants
  • Provide energy efficient operation and systems that track the demands for ventilation

Let our team help you enhance your design and avoid costly mistakes by reviewing laboratory designs before building construction begins.

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